Handmade Wide Tooth Beard Comb

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  • Anti-static properties with a gentle massage
  • The perfect size of 3.9*2.1 inches, Perfect for Pocket or Travel
  • Curved ergonomic design makes grooming a breeze
  • Trains your facial hair to grow in a certain direction
  • Helps clean out any debris from your beard


  • Size: 3.9*2.1 inches
  • Material: Wood

Full Description:

Quality Handmade Wide Tooth natural aromatic Beard Comb. Anti-static properties and a gentle massage. It's a natural way to manage your hair whether on your face or your scalp. The perfect size of 3.9*2.1 inches, Perfect for Pocket or Travel. Its curved ergonomic design makes grooming a breeze.

Using a quality Handmade Tooth Beard Comb can make the difference between a coarse, rough beard and a nicely groomed, soft one. The green aromatic wood is a perfect wood for lasting durability with proper care. The oils that occur naturally give off a fragrant scent and is considered therapeutic for use on hair and beardsIt's a thick well made sturdy comb that should last a lifetime with proper care

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